The 2nd Annual Education Innovation Africa focuses on facilitating innovative partnerships that build sustainable and impactful education programmes across Sub Saharan Africa.

Alternative education models such as informal private schools, online learning platforms, skills-based programmes and alternative delivery models are contributing to the reach of education across Africa. However, sustainable finance and investment are required to increase the efficacy, reach and impact of these programmes. Under this year’s theme ’Delivering Impact’, the event will unite key education leaders at Ministries, Educators, Programmes and Edtech companies, together with Capital Providers at PE, VC, Impact, Development Banks and Corporate Programmes to find new partnerships and models that will provide sustainable and impactful education programmes across Sub-Saharan Africa. 
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Eric Pignot

Enko Education Investments
Co-founder and COO

Eric Pignot is the co-founder and COO of Enko Education Investments, a startup network of private schools offering quality education affordable to the sub-saharan African middle class. Enko Education's model is to partner with and upgrade existing high-potential schools. Enko Education today operates in Cameroun and South Africa. Before running the operations of Enko Education, Eric Pignot worked as a strategy consultant for Bearingpoint. Eric Pignot is a french citizen. He holds a master from HEC, France and an MBA from the MIT, USA.