The 2nd Annual Education Innovation Africa focuses on facilitating innovative partnerships that build sustainable and impactful education programmes across Sub Saharan Africa.

Alternative education models such as informal private schools, online learning platforms, skills-based programmes and alternative delivery models are contributing to the reach of education across Africa. However, sustainable finance and investment are required to increase the efficacy, reach and impact of these programmes. Under this year’s theme ’Delivering Impact’, the event will unite key education leaders at Ministries, Educators, Programmes and Edtech companies, together with Capital Providers at PE, VC, Impact, Development Banks and Corporate Programmes to find new partnerships and models that will provide sustainable and impactful education programmes across Sub-Saharan Africa. 
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Shannon May

Bridge International Academies
Co - Founder

Shannon May is Co - founder and Chief Strategy and Development Officer of Bridge International Academies, the world’s largest chain of nursery and primary schools bringing world-class education to families living below the international $2-a-day poverty line, democratizing the right to succeed.  Thanks to the help of technology in planning lessons and monitoring teachers, Bridge International Academies guarantees 8 hours of class a day, teacher absenteeism is just 0.5%, and Bridge pupils learn the equivalent of 2 years of content in 1 year in class; Bridge International Academies’ education effect sizes are some of the largest seen in education interventions globally.  As of September 2014, Bridge operates 359 academies in Kenya educating over 100,000 pupils at a cost of just $6 a month, on average.  Expansion is underway for Uganda and Nigeria in 2015, with plans to reach 10,000,000 pupils across a dozen countries in the next decade.  Prior to founding Bridge, Shannon published widely on ecological and economic development and served as an advisor to multiple international organizations focused on design, development, and sustainable cities around the world.  Her experience also extends to the classroom, having taught in primary, middle, and secondary schools in both China and the US, as well as university lecture halls.  Shannon received her BA, Magna Cum Laude in Social Studies from Harvard University and her PhD in Anthropology from UC Berkeley.  In 2014, she was recognized by both the World Economic Forum and CNBC as a social entrepreneur who will spark transformative change in society over the next 25 years.